People Under The Stairs Genetics Strain Sour Saunders: Discovers G Pen Dash


People Under The Stairs up in New England are working with mind-blowing, ultra-esoteric strains for the alleviation of many ills. But don’t let their medical interests stop you from opening your mind just a little bit more than usual. Their intrinsic genetics remind me of the fine flowers and therefore the pine dripping terroir of cannabis from Green Bodhi Genetics in Oregon.

But with everything that is truly hard in life… And the more I learn about what esoteric cannabis looks and most importantly smokes like, the less I actually know.

This is abundantly true when tasting through a line-up that includes offerings from both coasts. Under these circumstances the taster must keep his or her palate as clean as possible, no Taylor Ham and cheese during a tasting sesh!

Imagine my pleasure when I discovered a new cannabis vaporizer, one that I had not even considered prior. Given my long history with G Pen, not all of them good- mind you to those who think everything I write is positive. Some of the concentrate units died on me right out of the box, still others were amazing looking. True works of art- but not much else. However, to be as crisp as possible and positive, the G Pen Dash does exactly what is is supposed to do, with alacrity! I love it and you will too.

First I must go a bit deeper into the overall construction of the G Pen. It resembles a high quality German camera, a Leica M if you follow cameras. This unit is made with solid construction and handsome, smooth, expensive looking lines. The magnificent device fits right into your hand or palm. It doesn’t shout with bright kiddy-looking colors. The case is polished soft black and authoritative, but not flashy. This small device is smooth and elegant to the touch. The shape is no bigger than the key fob on your G-Wagon.

Turning the device on and off is as easy as clicking the well-placed button on the face of the device five times, or five times to turn it off. They call it a home button. Press it another three times (when on) to cycle between the heating levels. I found that the mid level is a good place to start with the medical cannabis I have at my disposal. It’s not advisable to burn your combustible materials, you want to take it slowly and be patient.

Using a vaporizer of this quality is not like smoking a vape pen, nor lighting a joint. It is another method of inhaling cannabis without burning your throat.

The Sour Saunders gentics are smooth across the palate, hints of dark stone fruits expand the mouth-feel, offering gobs of crushed pine needles, sea smoke and sweet caramelized nuts. The experience of the terroir or taste of the place is always apparent with this high quality device, which costs fewer than seventy-five dollars. Yes, you read that right. And I’ll bet you can get it for much less. Mine was about seventy.

Given the range and experience of cannabis vaporizers that I’ve tested as of late, this is by far the easiest to learn how to use. The learning curve is nonexistent. It’s virtually plug and play. Open the box, charge for about an hour or less (in my case, much less)… Grind your favorite herbs. Note to the consumer: no tobacco, nor concentrates, nor hash must ever enter the chamber. It will ruin your Dash, post haste! So don’t do it!

Grind your cannabis to a rough grind and stuff it into the chamber. You don’t have to add too much, it’s very efficient and you will smoke much less. The experience of smoking the G Pen Dash is akin to smoking vaporizers costing two hundred dollars more, why? They got my vote.

Sour Saunders got my vote too. I’ve been focusing on California, Colorado and Oregon so much lately. My eyes (and heart) are opened, yet again to the quest for the very best cannabis in the world. Have I found it?

Not yet because the research continues. Thank you. WB

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