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REDISCOVER Nature is a call for all of us to look around and let ourselves be amazed by nature and its wonders. Whether it is rediscovering the environment around us while on a hike on a local trail or in your back garden — be curious and take time to observe parts of nature you have not noticed before.

The EEA organises a photo competition every year to raise awareness about an environmental theme. To participate, simply send us your best photos by 30 September 2020 in any of these three categories:

1. Close-ups of nature

Zoom in and find the beauty of nature in the tiniest of details, from the complex biological structure of an emerging flower to the soil composition or skin details of a reptile. Nature is calling for you to look closer and access the ever-changing micro universe. Can you see the magical shapes, lines, patterns, textures and colours?

2. Nature on my doorstep

Exploring nature doesn’t necessarily mean hitting a mountain trail or going camping in remote areas. You can simply head out your back door and quietly watch the nature unfold in front of you. From birdwatching in a nearby park to observing nature claiming urban structures, the wonders of nature are everywhere. Look around… Can you capture nature’s presence around you?

3. Zoom out on nature

Take a step back and enjoy nature in the landscapes that surround you. Watch the waves hitting a rugged coastline, distant villages scattered across the countryside, the deer roaming a forest, or people working in the fields. Perhaps gain altitude and witness the world from above. Can you capture the endless landscapes of the world, be they untouched or shaped by human activities?

Information on the competition

The competition is open to citizens of the EU 27 Member States, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, North Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the UK. All participants must be 18 or older. Read more about the competition rules and how to participate on the ‘REDISCOVER Nature competition page.

The winners in the three competition categories will receive a cash prize of EUR 1000 each. The EEA will also give a special Youth Prize for the best picture sent by a young person. A Public Choice Award will be selected among all finalists through an online vote.

The EEA will announce the winners in November 2020.

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