Parliament this week: EU long-term budget, tourism, Covid-19 | News


On Wednesday, Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, will present a revised long-term EU budget (2021-2027) and recovery plan during a plenary session. MEPs will discuss the proposals, but have already called for a €2 trillion recovery package to help the EU bounce back from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Parliament President David Sassoli and the political group leaders will hold discussions with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday morning.

The future of the EU is also on the agenda of the constitutional affairs committee on Tuesday. MEPs will discuss the Conference on the Future of Europe and the Parliaments role. In a resolution adopted on 17 April, Parliament called for it to be convened as soon as possible.

On Thursday the transport committee will discuss the Commission’s proposed package on tourism and transport, which includes practical guidelines on how countries could gradually lift travel restrictions, businesses reopen and people take summer holidays.

The employment and social affairs committee will on Tuesday consider how Covid-19 restrictions have affected the mobility of workers, particularly contract and cross-border workers.

Also on Tuesday, Josep Borrell, Vice-President of the Commission, will discuss the impact of the pandemic on EU security and defence, including disinformation, with the security and defence committee.

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