EIB supports advisory services for the Al Mahattah multimodal transport hub


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The Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) and the European Investment Bank (EIB) have signed a €380 000 Technical Assistance cooperation agreement to provide advisory services for the Al Mahattah multimodal bus transport hub in the Greater Amman Municipality. The advisory services are financed through a grant under the Bank’s Economic Resilience Initiative (ERI), which supports the preparation of projects that improve the resilience of EU neighbours.

The agreement was signed today at a ceremony hosted by the Greater Amman Municipality and attended by the European Union Ambassador to Jordan, Maria Hadjitheodosiou, the Mayor of Amman, Dr Yousef Al Shawarbeh, and a representative from the Ministry of International Cooperation and Planning. 

The advisory services include the project’s feasibility study and the design of a road map for the redevelopment of the surrounding areas. It also includes proposing a simple and pragmatic architectural response that integrates the existing shops and other buildings and facilities within the area.

The Al Mahattah multimodal bus transport hub is part of the Transport and Mobility Master Plan of the Greater Amman Municipality. It will contribute to addressing the transport logistics needs of the municipality until 2025. The hub is expected to offer easy transport connections, connect available transport means with bus rapid transit, create safe passenger flows and offer passenger-oriented services.

The EIB’s support for the preparation of the Al Mahattah project is part of the Bank’s Urban Project Finance Initiative (UPFI) under the Economic Resilience Initiative (ERI), which is designed to strengthen the EU Southern Neighbourhood countries’ ability to address key challenges. The Al Mahattah multimodal bus transport hub project will have substantial benefits in terms of enhanced urban transport in Amman, which is witnessing significant population growth.

The Mayor of Amman said: “The preparation of this study for the development of the transport centre and its urban surroundings is a continuation of GAM’s efforts to develop the Amman Valley region and the previous associated projects for the development of Faisal Square and Hashemite Square, in addition to the general transportation link that extends to the fountains square and the station.”

He added: “The development of the infrastructure and logistical area of the transport centre in the station is a first step for the development of the entire region, as the transport centres stimulate the urban development of its surroundings in the various economic, tourism and public transport areas, which will contribute to the revival of the downtown area.”

The Mayor of Amman praised the efforts and joint work among the various state institutions, especially the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, for its coordination role with all institutions and international cooperation organisations that provide technical and financial support. This contributes to the conduct of these studies and the implementation of projects that increase the city’s resilience and are compatible with the sustainable development goals, thus serving the public good with its positive impact for the residents of Amman.

European Union Ambassador to Jordan, Maria Hadjitheodosiou, welcomed the signing of this Cooperation Agreement between GAM and EIB, underlining “the importance of this grant in supporting the efforts of GAM to address Amman residents’ needs by providing efficient, accessible and passenger-oriented transport services.”

Dario Scannapieco, Vice-President of the European Investment Bank made the following comment on the signature: “We strongly support the government’s plans to improve and upgrade the urban transport sector in Jordan. The Al Mahattah multimodal bus transport hub will address a pressing need to upgrade urban transport in the Grater Amman Municipality to support a safe and easy transport system. This new agreement will provide grant funding to support the preparation of the hub as part of the Economic Resilience Initiative.”

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