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EU-UK future relationship. Parliament will adopt a resolution on the progress made in the EU-UK negotiations on a new partnership at 14.15, following the debate yesterday. A press conference is scheduled at 15.00. Find all details here.

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Schengen border controls. MEPs will discuss ways and means to lift border controls and related travel restrictions at 14.30 with Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson. A resolution will be adopted on Friday at 17.30. Follow the debate live on EP MMC and on EbS+. #Schengen

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Disinformation/Freedom of expression. Parliament will debate the effects of fighting the spread of COVID-19 on fundamental rights in the EU, and especially the impact of measures against disinformation on the freedom of expression, from around 10.30 with EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell and Commission Vice-President for Values and Transparency Věra Jourová. Follow live on EP MMC and on EbS+. #Disinformation

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COVID-19 impact on foreign policy. From 9.15, MEPs will debate the situation in the European neighbourhood, Africa and the Middle East as well as relations with the US, China and Russia with EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell. MEPs will also debate the situation in Hong Kong and the possible Israeli annexation in the West Bank. Follow the debate live on EP MMC and on EbS+.

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Cross-border and seasonal workers. MEPs are set to push for better working conditions and health and safety measures for cross-border and seasonal workers in a debate starting at around 15.30 with Jobs and Social Rights Commissioner Nicolas Schmit. A resolution will be adopted on Friday at 17.30. Follow the debate live on EP MMC and on EbS+.

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New committees. Parliament will vote on setting up special committees on beating cancer, on foreign interference in all democratic processes in the EU, including disinformation, and on artificial intelligence and the digital transformation as well as a permanent subcommittee on tax matters. The results of the votes will be available at 22.15. Follow live on EP MMC and on EbS+.

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Press Conference (in Parliament’s Anna Politkovskaya pressroom and via Skype)

  • 12:00 on “The case of the Czech Prime Minister: call to resolve potential conflicts of interest affecting EU funds”. Find all details here.
  • 15:00 on “EU-United Kingdom future relations”. Find all details here.


The first voting session starts at 10.30, with results being announced at 14.15 on, among other things, the resolutions on the future EU-UK relationship and the Conference on the Future of Europe as well as on sustainable investment.

The second voting session starts at 14.30 with results being announced at 18.15.

The third voting session starts at 18.30 with results being announced at 22.15 on, among other things, setting up new special committees and a subcommittee.

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