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President Sassoli press conference at 11.00

EP President David Sassoli will hold a press conference, following his address to EU heads of state of government during today’s summit, at 11.00 in Parliament’s Anna Politkovskaya pressroom and via Skype. Find all details in the media advisory.

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Key Votes

Anti-racism protests. Following Wednesday’s debate, MEPs will adopt at 21.30 a resolution on “The Anti-racism protests following the death of George Floyd”.

Czech Prime Minister. At 21.30, Parliament will adopt a resolution on “The reopening of the investigation against the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic on the misuse of EU funds and potential conflicts of interest”. Catch up with Wednesday’s press conference video.

Animal Transport. MEPs will vote on establishing a committee of inquiry on animal transport. The result of the vote will be announced at 13.30.


Amazonas. From 9.15, MEPs will debate with the Commission land grabbing and deforestation in the Amazonas.

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The first voting session starts today at 9.00, with votes being announced at 13.30. The second voting session (on amendments) starts at 13.45, with results being announced at 17.30.

The third voting session starts at 17.45, with results being announced at 21.30 on:

  • Situation in the Schengen area following the COVID-19 outbreak
  • Tourism and transport in 2020 and beyond
  • Budget 2021 Guidelines
  • European protection of cross-border and seasonal workers in the context of the COVID-19 crisis
  • The PRC national security law for Hong Kong and the need for the EU to defend Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy

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