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On 8 July, MEPs will vote on the mobility package for road transport, following its adoption by the transport committee in June. The new rules have been provisionally agreed with EU ministers and were adopted by the Council on 7 April.

The package comprises three key elements: better enforcement of cabotage rules, posting of drivers and drivers’ rest times.

Though the EU already regulates all these areas, loopholes exist and difficulties in enforcement have led EU countries to implement them differently. The new rules will provide a clear and common framework for the road transport sector.

Below you will find an overview of each element of the package.

Check out what the EU does for workers’ rights and working conditions.

More rest and time at home

Under the new regulation, drivers should enjoy better rest conditions and be entitled to more time at home. For example, weekly rest of more than 45 hours can’t be taken in a vehicle, but in suitable accommodation with adequate facilities, paid for by the employer. Work should be organised to give drivers more time at home.

To help detect breaches of the rules, smart tachographs will be deployed to record border-crossings and other activities.

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