Tuesday, November 24, 2020
Cancer Research UK says some patients with rare cancers are struggling to get access to experimental drugs even if their doctors want to use them. The organisation said more people were seeking private care. Our Health Editor Hugh Pym has been speaking to one patient whose private insurer...
Borrowing - which hit a record £22.3bn in October - cannot go on indefinitely, chancellor says. Source link
Rishi Sunak to reform anti-Northern spending bias Source link
ICYMI: Piano playing in surgery and Covid robots. Video, 00:00:50ICYMI: Piano playing in surgery and Covid robots Source link
T-cell response 'lasts six months after Covid infection' Source link
An injection of antibodies might provide up to six months' protection to immuno-compromised patients. Source link
The health secretary says vaccination could begin next month if a jab is approved by the regulator. Source link
Covid vaccination 'could start in December' Video, 00:00:48Covid vaccination 'could start in December' Source link
Officials expect the vaccine to be given emergency approval in the first two weeks of December. Source link
Infection rates are levelling off in England and Scotland and decreasing in Wales and Northern Ireland, latest data from the Office for National Statistics suggests. Source link